Enviro Policy Statement

At WMS we believe our approach and philosophy to our Environmental Policy is the cornerstone of our strategy and is an integral part of business.

WMS offer a range of waste management and recycling services that are designed to manage waste in a professional and sustainable manner, with the least impact on the environment.

Our Core Policies are:

  • Offering our clients performance targets on a specific basis that encompasses a strict adherence to best practice, whilst benefiting the environment
  • WMS are constantly striving to improve the impact of waste within the environment by minimising landfill
  • WMS will look to promote on an on-going basis, alternative disposal methods including that of waste minimisation and recycling
  • Our goals are to strike a balance between economic viability within business and environmental wellbeing
  • WMS look to stay ahead of current and on-going changes within legislation that have an impact on the environment, as well as to maintain strong communication links with our customers regarding potential hazards for new or on-going activities and the associated risks
  • WMS expect all associated contractors and partners to share the same enthusiasm and commitment to the environment as we do
  • To ensure that we maintain on the behalf of our customers all the necessary environmental obligations required by law, making available the resources to continually fulfil our promises.
  • To create and promote an open culture with all our employees and associated contractors to contribute to the on-going development of our policy and our customers goals