Waste Management Solutions was conceived by a consortium of waste experts of long standing in the industry. Our rapid growth within such a competitive and dynamic in- dustry is testimony to our drive and commitment to fulfill of our customers’ requirements.


Unbias Approach

WMS owns no landfill sites and so, unlike some of our competitors has no motivation to landfill waste. Therefore our customers can be assured of a proactive approach to minimising landfill, as well as to drive forward recycling initiatives and best practice.



With many years of expertise within the industry, our team will evaluate your current position, offering a phased approach to the overall solution and recommendations in line with your objectives. Full waste and recycling audits are available at no extra cost.


Management Reports

With detailed monthly management reports, we can work with you to consistently review your current waste streams, helping to ensure that you’re maximising your profits and cutting costs. All management information is available to view via online reports.